Beyond Infinity offers facilities management services that cater to all your corporate and commercial needs. The two main categories of services include soft services and hard services.

Soft services depend on the situation and the client’s specification, whereas hard services are non-negotiable and connected to the physical facilities of the property. Hard services are mainly a part of the main building and cannot be removed, whereas soft services aim to improve the security and safety of the workplace employees.

Facilities management services are essential in cultivating a productive and efficient working environment. They may not directly impact the cash flow and revenue of the business, but instead, they increase the value in a qualitative sense.

Beyond Infinity’s hard services include

  • HVAC systems (heating, cooling, ventilation)
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Safety Systems
  • Electricals and Lighting
  • Mechanical Assistance
  • Building Maintenance

Beyond Infinity’s soft services include

  • Cleaning and Janitorial Staff
  • Waste Management
  • Building Security
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Cradle Maintenance
  • Access Control

Our Skilled Team

To determine what sort of services are suited to your operational needs, our team at Beyond Infinity will inspect your property. We will lay out the infrastructural requirements and design a facilities management plan that specifically caters to your organization.

To find out more about the range of facility management services Beyond Infinity provides, contact us now!

Other Services