Beyond Infinity Facilities Management Services has a team of dedicated professionals that offer and cater to all your facility management needs – from refurbishment services to integrating an access control system for your establishment.

Refurbishment Services

Beyond Infinity’s equipment refurbishment service will provide continuous improvement while reducing operational costs. Our team of professionals inspect, disassemble, and replace damaged parts and upgrade the obsolete equipment in order to optimize performance.

Access Control

A fundamental component of data security – Beyond Infinity aims to develop a system that dictates who can view and edit company data. We will help you design an authentication and authorization system where appropriate individuals will have access to the data.

Set up Access Control to limit physical access to college campuses, buildings, homes, and datacenters.

Smart Home

Convert your space into a Smart Home by controlling the devices from your mobile device no matter where you are in the world. From thermostats to sprinkler systems and even the lighting – Smart Home technology will give you access to all electrical devices by a touch of the screen.

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Other Services